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Earthquake Jitters, Preparedness Triggers

I’ve learned about the 90s Luzon earthquake mostly from recollections by my family and relatives, which they share from time to time in various conversations. Hearing these stories makes me gloomy, yet I feel even worse when I read about the damage and casualties of the tragedy. It is hard to imagine how the people at the ground zero felt during and after the earthquake.

The Bohol and Cebu earthquake stirred up the same feelings in me – no, I was even more horrified. Perhaps because this time, there are more accounts on the disaster being shared online. I saw video after video and photo after photo of collapsing heritage churches and homes. And seeing the emotions of terrified survivors during the aftershocks are just heart-wrenching.

Then I’ve heard an earthquake occurred today. I didn’t feel it so I’ve only learned about it online, including that video about the damage to the Taal Basilica. A part of me gets scared, yet another part also remembers that I have to prepare. Earthquake forecast isn’t available in this age (yet), so all we’ve got to do is to prepare. Isn’t this why we’ve had several earthquake drills in the past?

Duck, Cover, and Hold  

In grade school, we were taught to hide under a sturdy table during an earthquake or to stay under a door jamb. While safety experts are not disputing this, they are stressing a more basic rule: Duck, cover, and hold.

So I’ll keep repeating it: Duck, cover, and hold. Until my subconscious remembers it. Until I embed it in my muscle memory. Until it becomes my instinct.

At a time when something intense occurs, the conscious mind starts thinking about a lot of things, so I have to rely on my instincts to keep me safe.

Saturday… Travel… Freedommmmm!!!

It is just hard to believe that there are still people who think that taking a trip is an extravagant activity and that it is just a waste of time and energy. Okay. I’m not discounting the fact that travelling can be expensive, it eats up a lot of time and it can be tiring. Yet it is also enriching, refreshing and reviving!

Perhaps, those who have negative views about traveling have mostly witnessed its negative side – how it can drain finances, time and energy that can be spent on something else.

Well, if only those people know how to strike a balance those things, then they are going to be as excited as I am every time I get to go out of town.

To me, taking a trip doesn’t mean driving or flying hours away from home. A short drive to Rizal Province, which is just on the eastern boundary of Metro Manila, is already an exciting trip for me.

P_20161120_090914Just thinking about its adventure camps, mountains, waterfalls, rivers, churches, and food makes me gush. I’ve already seen a lot of the province, yet I don’t think I’ve even gotten to even half of what it has to offer.

I can go on and on about how Rizal is a paradise close to the city and why it just keeps me coming back. I’ll just sum it up to two things: a new revelation every visit and my favorite bulalo. Wait for my next blog or better yet, see for yourself! 🙂

Lenten Traditions are Still Relevant

P_20170401_110427This can be quite difficult… Abstinence is probably the most significant change in a Christian’s lifestyle during Lent. I have my share of struggle in giving up a favorite food and doing sacrifice during this period.

Traditions are barely recognizable in such a modern fast-paced routine that we have, but there are still some that I find significant and extensively-practiced.

Ash on Foreheads

Fulltime work makes it difficult to come to church for Ash Wednesday, but I’m just thankful that there some companies invite priests to celebrate Mass at their offices and are a bit lenient in allowing their employees to attend the services.

Palm Sunday

I find it serenely pleasant to see people flock to churches waving their weaved palm leaves as the Holy Week starts. Seeing people recognize this important event in the Bible makes me feel that Jesus is working through their lives.

Stations of the Cross

As far as I know, almost every Catholic Church has the fourteen Stations of the Cross symbols. There are just many churches with large figures, especially in the Philippines. I’ve been at the Lourdes Church in Bulacan and Kamay ni Hesus in Quezon. Praying the Stations of the Cross there makes me feel like I share in Jesus’ pain in climbing Mount Calvary. Of course, what I went through is not even a fraction of His sacrifice.

Alay Lakad

People from all walks of life join this tradition, and as expected, there are those who do not share in the solemnity of the activity. I admire those who walk in prayer and reflection, and also those who keep their noise down in respect of others who pray.


In general, I know what to expect during the “Salubong”, which marks the beginning of Easter. But it is still hard to explain my elation every time I see the black veil taken off the image of Mother Mary as she sees the Reincarnated Christ. I guess, that’s the feeling that Easter is supposed to teach us – the joy because our Savior has risen.

Traditions may seem repetitive, and in fact, they are. And I guess, that’s how these should be so that we will remember something.

(Continuous) Learning – the Millennial Way

I can only do a face-palm (usually, just an imaginary one) every time I hear people generalize us “millennials” as a group of irresponsible people who exploit the internet for vain reasons. I guess it never occurred to them that issues that became viral online get picked up by mainstream media and resolved by the powers that be.

And perhaps, they many of them do not know that there are a lot of other things that can be done online apart from shopping, entertainment and communication.

There are a few times that I’ve mentioned that many of my lessons and assignments go through online. Many understand that part, and they feel that that is a secret section of the Internet that can only be accessed by an elite few. Okay, while that is partly true (Of course, I can’t share my access with them), they don’t really have to dig deep to find free ways to learn online.

Coursera and edX

I don’t know if anybody from decades ago was able to predict that courses from top universities (Hello Ivy League schools!) are within reach of anyone from anywhere in the world. As long as you have access to the internet, of course. And did I mention that it’s for free. If you only want to learn and don’t need a certificate, then help yourself as many classes as you can.

TedX Talks and Ted-Ed

Not interested in structured learning in which you need to take quizzes and submit assignments? TedX and Ted-Ed are just great for you because these are just short videos on almost every topic imaginable. It’s just like learning a new perspective or getting a crash course in just a few minutes.

TESDA Online

This is worth mentioning, for only a few people know that some of TESDA’s courses can be accessed online. You don’t get a certificate though, unless you take an exam at a testing center.

There are a lot more worth mentioning. Another blog is not even enough. Ah, this may end up as a blog series. Who knows?


This seems to be everyone’s dream. BUT…

How do you define a well balanced life?

“A Jan Campbell , Nursing, answered. When you are living with balance in your life, you are living with peace and harmony every day. Balance comes in physical forms, emotional forms, and a spiritual form. … For me, having a balanced life means creating time for the things I have to do, as well as the things I like to do.”

Continue reading “A WELL BALANCED LIFE, ANYONE?”

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