Hello to you! Yes, you. To one of the nicest human being who’s reading this blog now, THANK YOU! Thank you for visiting the blog of a probi. I’d like to let you know in advance that I consider myself as “student” in this blogging journey. I have yet to learn the do’s and don’ts and lots of tips on blogging which I can probably share here(?). Hopefully, I’ll be successful on this blog and in the nearest time let you see how I’ve improved. Hooray! That’s not impossible, isn’t it?

I’ll try to share with you a piece of me in each of my posts whether you are interested or not haha! Well, the good thing is, this is my site so I aim to be SIMPLY ME, SIMPLY MARICOR. So just a bit of a warning what you will see on my next posts are very random. Random articles about anything under the sun. That’s me, a random person. I am an adventurer. I always want to try something new and something that will make life more fun and worthwhile. I love making new and exciting experiences, those adrenaline rush, taking challenges that I never thought I will ever conquer, meeting new people–learning from them, being in unfamiliar places and learning about the culture and people, experiencing how they live and even being in nice simple places such as being in the mall and exploring good food or at the top of the mountain, conquering forests, then down to the seas and the list goes on….I just want to appreciate the balance, the beauty of life because we are never created with a purpose to be unhappy. There’s always a happy side which we always have the choice to unleash! 🙂

That’s all for now and let’s enjoy 2017 and keep our positive vibes going! God bless, world!


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