First day high!

BACK TO SCHOOL! So grateful to get this opportunity! It’s just my 2nd term and so far I am enjoying the ride and adventure towards my dream! Actually, sharing a bit about me, there are times that I tend to be more of a pessimist, having doubts about myself and listing out what ifs. But, MBA is a different story for me. I believe and want to stay focused on the fact that this MBA is for me and that I’ll do my best to conquer the challenges that comes with this journey!

To kick off, let me now focus on the present. Currently, I’m enrolled in two subjects: Business Ethics and Management Accounting. In one word, I can describe these two subjects to be “balance”. I am excited of what to learn in my Accounting class as numbers are always a positive challenge for me while with Business Ethics, I am excited to grow my inner maturity as an individual and be able to use it in improving my journey towards life’s purpose. I am also excited to know myself better and slowly find the right path or track towards my dreams. I trust Ms. Pia to guide me on this. I have heard a lot of things about her former classes and how Ethics has become an eye opener to them and at the same time a stress reliever a midst the very competitive and busy corporate world.

Business ethics introduces me to St. De Le Salle while I’ve known St. Thomas during my undergrad and remembered him on this quote,

“Wonder is the desire for knowledge.” – St. Thomas Aquinas

I’d like to use them both as a religious models towards achieving my journey to acquiring higher knowledge and education. (Well, aside from my parents who I see to be the closest physical role models in my life.) Being a product of a catholic high school and college (Pasig Catholic College and University of Santo Tomas, respectively), I always look forward about growing my faith and going on a journey about knowing myself better and doing things all for the glory of God. Ethics class has started to bring me closer to God thru St. De La Salle. St. De La Salle is a risk taker. He did not mind how people of his age would think when he became a canon and continued the religious life. He was also an innovator. He was not afraid to give up his personal possessions and invest time and effort in educating young boys and at the same time, a servant-leader and mentor to the young boys by providing them with quality education but more than anything, he was or he will always be a servant of God (since up until now, up there above, I’m pretty sure, he is still serving God.)

“God expects you to touch hearts.” – St. John De La Salle

St. De La Salle’s life on Earth was far different from my life but I’ve always wanted to excel and be an innovator, leader, game changer and  pursue my dreams by taking risk and not focusing on failures. Admittedly, I am not as confident and risk taker as him. I am occupied with a lot of what ifs and insecurities. But now, taking up the MBA, I aim to get more confidence, improve my knowledge and get out of my comfort zone and find my true self and give more purpose and meaning to my life, then share the happiness to people around me, all for the glory of God. I wish to share with you more of my exciting journey in life on my succeeding posts!

Thanks for your patience reading my first entry. PLEASE KEEP READING! 🙂

(PS Pardon, I’m still trying to get the hang of writing a blog. Always been my dream to do blogging so here, it’s me starting to tick this off from my bucket list. Another simple achievement for me.)


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