TRAVELLA (A traveler bella)

What’s your dream destination? Le’go!

Traveling is more than traveling. specified 10 reasons why traveling is a more valuable learning experience than going school:

1. Because traveling forces you out of your comfort zone.

2. Because traveling teaches you better time management skill.

3. Because traveling allows you to see and experience new ways of living.

4.Because traveling gives you the chance to reinvent yourself.

5. Because traveling helps you build confidence.

6. Because traveling will improve your planning and organizing skills.

7. Because traveling make you a more interesting person.

8. Because traveling teaches you gratitude.

9. Because you will learn social skills much better while traveling.

10. Because you will learn how to be comfortable with uncertainty and the unexpected.


If only traveling is for free, I bet I’ll spend a lot of time travelling with my family and friends and even just by myself! It’s actually my goal to travel alone- part of my bucket list.( I wonder when will I ever get to tick this off.)

Traveling for some is a luxury but for me it’s not. It’s in travelling that I am learning the most things about life! Things that I won’t learn in school. School is perfect for academic knowledge but there are things that need to be learned aside from academics in order to survive and feel alive.

I have nothing to brag (and its not my thing) since I can only name a very few destinations which I’ve already conquered and it’s all local. Anyways, being a curious kid, I wanted to explore new things, curious on how it feels to be in a particular place, how it feels to live there, the culture, how beautiful the place is, how long and what places to pass by in order to be there and how fun it is to be there.

I am not a guru yet in terms of traveling but here are my humble tips:

1.) Travel with friends. Aside from the guaranteed fun, it will surely lessen the travel cost per person. Sharing rooms and meals will even make your bond stronger!

2.) Don’t be afraid to travel alone but be ready to adapt to different situations. Make sure to be streetwise and never easily trust strangers.

3.) When traveling alone and plans to join tour groups, make a background research about the group and make sure to observe the people you’ll be traveling with once you’ve arrived at the meeting place.

4.) Roll your clothes inside your bag, this will leave you more spaces and be able to organize things better.

5.) Unplanned road trips are fun. It makes you feel at ease knowing the driver is someone you really know. Of course, remind the person who’s in charge of the driving to check on the condition of the car. Be prepared to get lost. Keep w you some sandwiches or biscuits and water to keep you from having empty stomach should there be no decent food carts or restos available within the vicinity.

On a more serious note, never ever leave trashes and make any damage to the place where you have been. Out of the country or not. Though, I suggests that we visit first the treasures of our country. Who knows, this can be our starting point of being stewards of nature?

Again, traveling is fun, it makes me feel alive. How about you?

Please feel free to share your insights as well! See you around!


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