Philippine Natural Resources vs. Business Growth

Philippines is so much blessed with natural resources, from trees, caves, mountains to lakes and seas, we all have their abundance. But the question is, are we doing good enough in protecting them?

In a post from Philippine Star:

“MANILA, Philippines — The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) on Thursday ordered the closure of 21 mining firms after they were found to have severely destroyed the environment of the local communities where they are operating.

Another five mining companies were suspended also for various violations.”

Businesses in the country continues to progress, which is great. Those who’s names are known in the industry and seems will always be known, majority of them are continuously doing good in terms of business. Growth entails sacrifices. It is a fact that as the business progress, more sacrifices are forced to be made. Is it always about financial sacrifices? In reality, NO. Will they always be good stewards of the environment or are they even one?

Here are some eye openers that can probably help Manileno’s to better understand the point: Are there enough trees in Metro Manila? Are the rivers and seas still of the same size as it were originally created by the one and only Creator? Or maybe people are now pretending to be the “real” Creator? Are the bodies of water as clean as it were before?

A lot of things have changed and is continuously changing but I hope the continuous growth in business wouldn’t mean continuously damaging the nature. I hope business firms will stop making decisions that negatively affects the nature and instead start an advocacy of protecting it. I can say that there is always a middle ground for this. Follow rules and be fair not just to the community but also to the environment. Mother nature may be speechless but it’ll surely makes its revenge. Additional costs that may be incurred from considering the effects of their decisions to the environment may hurt business owners’ pockets but it won’t hurt that bad if they will just realize how much benefit they will get from taking care of nature.

Some countries try to take claims or rights over our land, we may have mistakes in the past that leads to this but I am again hoping that we will treasure what still remains and start to grow to be better Filipinos so that nature will not pay its revenge rather pay forward the benefits to our generation and the future ones.


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