(Continuous) Learning – the Millennial Way

I can only do a face-palm (usually, just an imaginary one) every time I hear people generalize us “millennials” as a group of irresponsible people who exploit the internet for vain reasons. I guess it never occurred to them that issues that became viral online get picked up by mainstream media and resolved by the powers that be.

And perhaps, they many of them do not know that there are a lot of other things that can be done online apart from shopping, entertainment and communication.

There are a few times that I’ve mentioned that many of my lessons and assignments go through online. Many understand that part, and they feel that that is a secret section of the Internet that can only be accessed by an elite few. Okay, while that is partly true (Of course, I can’t share my access with them), they don’t really have to dig deep to find free ways to learn online.

Coursera and edX

I don’t know if anybody from decades ago was able to predict that courses from top universities (Hello Ivy League schools!) are within reach of anyone from anywhere in the world. As long as you have access to the internet, of course. And did I mention that it’s for free. If you only want to learn and don’t need a certificate, then help yourself as many classes as you can.

TedX Talks and Ted-Ed

Not interested in structured learning in which you need to take quizzes and submit assignments? TedX and Ted-Ed are just great for you because these are just short videos on almost every topic imaginable. It’s just like learning a new perspective or getting a crash course in just a few minutes.

TESDA Online

This is worth mentioning, for only a few people know that some of TESDA’s courses can be accessed online. You don’t get a certificate though, unless you take an exam at a testing center.

There are a lot more worth mentioning. Another blog is not even enough. Ah, this may end up as a blog series. Who knows?


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