Taking the challenge.

So we are now taking the challenge to a whole new level. ARE WE READY?

What is CSR?

Businessdictionary.com defines CSR as:

“A company’s sense of responsibility towards the community and environment (both ecological and social) in which it operates. Companies express this citizenship (1) through their waste and pollution reduction processes, (2) by contributing educational and social programs, and (3) by earning adequate returns on the employed resources. See also corporate citizenship.”

while, mindworkzzblog.wordpress.com, takes it as:

“It can also be referred as a framework for measuring an organizations’ performance against economic, social and environmental parameters. Building a sustainable business which need healthy economies, markets and communities.”

Corporate social responsibility for me is the means of imparting the company’s success or way of giving back to the community. Aside from being a requirement of the government, usually big companies and, organizations and foundations have strong CSR programs. But, what I have learned and changes my perspective in some way, it isn’t just by merely doing something for others. I t is best if you can do something relative to what your company offers. 🙂

As part of the requirements of one of my subject’s in MBA, we need to plan and execute of a CSR activity that will be effective and efficient. A CSR activity that will earn long term benefits.

It’s not as easy as 1,2,3. We have several choices on where, when and what activity/ies to choose and we were lucky that we have an open communication in our team. The collaboration has been so great although the challenge as to time constraint has been always present. We know we can do it for as long as we are united but the time availability was areal challenge.

So as we try to communicate, day by day, we cam across to a decision to have HAPAGASA as our beneficiary. PICPA was the main sponsor for the HAPAGASA activity in Stela Maris, Pasig but we have coordinated with both PICPA and the parish to help them organize a more fun and refreshing activity for the kids and moms– something that will be fun and will provide learning –aside from the additional take home foods and hygiene kit.

THE PLAN. The kids being supported by HAPAGASA are kids suffering from malnutrition due to financial challenges. Theses kids are part of the families who are residing near Pasig river. Their houses are made of a combination of wood and old tarpaulins. We plan to make them happy. We plan to share something that they will be able to use for a long time. We plan to make a little positive change that hopefully will eventually grow.

How does it feels? I feel happy and at the same time sad, since if only I have the luxury of time and resources, I could  have done better but for now the plans of sharing the short time I have, effort and some knowledge and resources is the best that I can give them. Hopefully, sooner, I can be able to share more. 🙂 I am excited to know them. I am excited for the new experience. I am excited to share. I have once shared my time in Project Pearls, some time in 2015 or probably 2016, and yes, I can absolutely guarantee that sharing is never a waste of time. There’s a sense of fulfillment that even if you give away something, it doesn’t hurt you, it actually make you grow, feel contented, fulfilled and happy. 🙂

Hope everything goes well and I’ll surely let you know how the actual event goes!


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