Stuck in TRAFFIC, Stuck in LIFE?

Some say, the equation is as the modernization comes, traffic jam also comes in. But, does it really stop there?

So my thoughts while experiencing traffic jam goes somehow like this…

Everyday, I get to spend more than 3 hours in traveling and this is not a joke. It is more or less 13% of our time in a day. Traffic nowadays does not consider any proximity, it is just there, a given fact, anywhere or everywhere you go, it exists. A truth that I guess everyone has learned to accept.

How worst is the traffic in Metro? In one of the articles that I have came across, Manila was mentioned to be 10th on the rank. 10th on the list of cities in the world with the worst traffic. Something to be proud of? Currently, car promotions have been rampant in malls and what is impossible during way back 90s is now possible. Almost anyone can get a brand new car right nowadays, as simple as doing shopping in the mall. Most manufacturers or distributors compete on the price up to the point that downpament can be waived. In a buyer’s perspective, most will take this strategy as positive but for some, it just means higher monthly amortization and higher payment for interest which is actually true.

Buying a new car or not? You may or you may not. You just have to accept the fact that traffic s anywhere. If only roads are wider, traffics rules are well followed and implemented, and public transportation are better, I’m pretty sure the traffic congestion will ease up and a city with lesser pollution will be on its way! Btes, I see the electric bikes from time to time in the street along with advertisements of eco-friendly fuels— both are better alternatives. Who knows this might be the next trend in the automotive industry? 🙂

Traffic is a waste of time but not until there is a solution, all we can do is to maximize time in traffic. I am still not losing my hopes that things can get better, that even if you are working in Makati– Metro Manila’s center of business, you can still go home with lesser stress and spend more time for yourself and family— something that will never have any monetary equivalence.


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