Look into the eyes…

Look in to the eyes. Looking in to the eyes of the kids. Looking in to the eyes of the moms. They need something. Their eyes communicate their souls. If only life is easy.


You have to be sure that you are well prepared before leading an activity like CSR— both physical, emotional and probably, as well as spiritual, on this case. One should prepare himself to encounter unpredictable challenges before and during the program. Rule pf thumb: Never make the community feel that you are struggling to help them because our aim is to make them happy not to make them feel any form of guilt or sadness.

As we finish packing giveaway goods from our sponsors — so much thanks to them! They have actually provided more than what we have expected — on the  day of the event, the church administrator who’s in charge of the feeding program, provided us an opportunity to make the most of our time and visit the community while still waiting for the kids who were scheduled to come after lunch. The weather was striking hot at that afternoon but who am I to complain? That was just a weather and way too simple compared to the challenges being experienced by the community everyday. All respect to these people.

WALANG ARTE is the key, in order to conquer the angry summer weather.

As we go and visit the community, I had felt two emotions: happiness and sadness. I am happy to meet them and I am happy that they are living simply yet enjoys  each one’s company. And ofcourse, sad. Sad because anytime, their area can be demolished. Anytime, a strong rain can come and river can easily swipe off their houses. According one of the church admins, the primary source of income of people in the community is carpentry. But, my curiosity says, will that be enough and what does other people do for earning since I am pretty sure, there are if not majority are jobless? Where do they get the the money to finance their everyday living? The church can only support a number of kids who were registered under HAPAGASA program.

The day of the event comes. We are all exited and somehow rattling. Its as if you have lots of visitors and you wanted to assist them all and get their attention and have good rapport. Good thing we have our ate in the group, ate Camille. Ate Camille has some sort of training and teaching backrground and so, voila! she was able to get everyone’s attention in an instant! From the moms to the kids, all attention is at her. The program that we have planned, I can conclude and say that it was successful. Everything goes well and from time to time we do activities to ensure that they have learned something. We have discussed proper waste disposal and hand wash as we know for a fact that health is one of the primary concern. Some participants actually shared that they have learned something from our visit. Oh, have I mentioned Binion? He is the mascot of Land Bank who aims to communicate proper wait disposal. Kids and moms were fascinated by his visit. Again, we took the opportunity to caught their attention. Just in time when they’re slowly losing their attention span. Reviews on what they have learned were conducted thru games with food prizes as the motivation. 🙂

All in all, it was a VERY FULFILLING EXPERIENCE. I would always want to do this. Share time and share effort. Its not only them who learns but actually, its also me who’s learning and growing from their experiences and from the experience of being w them even just for a short time. So if I were you, who’s reading this post, I hope I have inspired you to do the same. I SWEAR, ITS NEVER A WASTE OF TIME.


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