Saturday… Travel… Freedommmmm!!!

It is just hard to believe that there are still people who think that taking a trip is an extravagant activity and that it is just a waste of time and energy. Okay. I’m not discounting the fact that travelling can be expensive, it eats up a lot of time and it can be tiring. Yet it is also enriching, refreshing and reviving!

Perhaps, those who have negative views about traveling have mostly witnessed its negative side – how it can drain finances, time and energy that can be spent on something else.

Well, if only those people know how to strike a balance those things, then they are going to be as excited as I am every time I get to go out of town.

To me, taking a trip doesn’t mean driving or flying hours away from home. A short drive to Rizal Province, which is just on the eastern boundary of Metro Manila, is already an exciting trip for me.

P_20161120_090914Just thinking about its adventure camps, mountains, waterfalls, rivers, churches, and food makes me gush. I’ve already seen a lot of the province, yet I don’t think I’ve even gotten to even half of what it has to offer.

I can go on and on about how Rizal is a paradise close to the city and why it just keeps me coming back. I’ll just sum it up to two things: a new revelation every visit and my favorite bulalo. Wait for my next blog or better yet, see for yourself! 🙂


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